Mr. Sheldon handled my case with an utmost professional manner.  After speaking to me to gain all the information he would need, he followed up with phones calls to the parties with whom I was having difficulties. Because of his work my problem was resolved. I would recommend him without reservation.



When I met Attorney Scott Sheldon, I was impressed by his superior intelligence, his intellectual capability, his dedication, and his persistence to intensively investigate a legal case and its applicable laws. . . . Attorney Scott Sheldon took over this case to settle and close it. He was pleasant and very dedicated to my case. He eliminated significant errors and impediments present in my legal case. . . . He accomplished a larger settlement which my previous attorney failed to do. I was emotionally relieved and very pleased with Attorney Scott Sheldon' s excellent performance and excellent accomplishments.

Absolutely, without hesitation, I certainly recommend attorney Scott Sheldon very competent legal representation.



Scott provided me with invaluable help on how to handle a messy family estate that was left for me. He helped me tackle collections, provided guidance on various financial matters, told me when to talk to a CPA, explained how to wind down a business in the cleanest and simplest way, taught me what to be on the watch for, etc.

I very much appreciate that he was genuinely out to protect his client's best interests. He is easy to reach, straightforward, 100% clear in his communications, and is very good at maintaining perspective of the whole picture without losing sight of important details. He proactively draws knowledge from every part of his life to use in his daily job, which is key when you need to think outside the box. If there is something he doesn't know, he sticks to his promise to find out for you.

I was very panicked before I first started working with him (quite overwhelmed with the issues I was facing alone, with no idea on how to deal with any of it!), and he quickly talked me off a ledge. He is quite adept and putting himself in your shoes, so he explains things in a way that you would understand, rather than immersing you in a lot of legal and financial jargon. This greatly helped in taking "bite-sized" chunks out of the task at hand. Fast-forward six months after my first formal contact with him, I'm nearly at the conclusion of my estate project, which was done FAR earlier (and simpler) than I had expected. I couldn't be more satisfied and would strongly recommend Scott.



Attorney Scott Sheldon spoke over the phone to me as a free consultation. He listened to my story, accessed my needs, and patiently gave me his ideas on choices I could make for my situation. He was very empathetic. He returned my call in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him for any law issue you have.



Scott Sheldon has helped me on more than one occasion, both on personal and business matters. During an arduous exchange with a previous partner regarding the breach of contract involving the purchase of a motor vehicle, Scott was stellar. He was able to resolve the issue out of court without the expense of litigation, which not only was financially preferable, but I was saved the anxiety of court dates and actually having to come face-to-face with someone who was very unhappy with me.

Scott is great with allowing one to feel as though there is a legitimate barrier between your personal, day-to-day life that must press on even in the face of these disputes, and that dispute. This makes working with him nearly effortless, as he makes the details of his progress clear to you in a personable, logical manner. If you're looking for a down to earth and highly skilled lawyer, you're reading about him.

Thank you Scott. Truly! 



I meet Scott at a convention, and we began to talk about a mutual hobby we shared. I eventually mentioned, as I did a lot back then to vent, an issue that I was having, and Scott shared with me that he was actually an attorney. He offered me legal help and advice regarding the situation, which ended up with myself hiring him as my attorney when I did eventually file a court case against the other party. Scott was great, very open, clear, helpful, and always available to speak to me. He even helped me with a business I had just opened, just because he was happy to. He was a great attorney, and I would even go as far as to say just a great friend to me. He made me feel very secure and was very upfront about how he felt the case would go and the things I should be worried about. Anything and everything I ever feel may need an attorney in the future will be directed his way first by me, and I do not foresee that changing in any way any time soon.

I have dealt with other attorneys in the past, ranging from slip and fall attorneys for my family to attorneys for a car accident for myself, and I have to say I had almost reached the point where I wanted to just try my own luck in some of these matters without one. Scott Sheldon taught me it's not the industry of attorneys I had to be careful with, it was the individual ones. I really hated some of my former attorneys, and Scott I feel has become just as much a friend as a trusted attorney for me.

Scott helped me:

File in court for my lawsuit.

Fill out any and all forms and sat down with me to discuss my case.

Walk through the process of small claims and then came with me to the appeal.

Settle all my nerves and help me to organize all my paperwork and thoughts.

He is still currently helping me to collect my settlement.

And he is helping me secure any and all business matters for my new small business, including but not limited to, purchasing of other businesses and going through all contracts I am asked to sign.