Do I Need a Probate Litigator?

If you have a probate dispute, then the answer is "yes."

Most probate attorneys focus on probate administration, the process of resolving a person’s estate and distributing their assets.  This is very different from litigating a probate dispute.  We focus on probate litigation and assisting clients with disputes involving trust, probate, and estate administration and creation.  We fight to protect your interests and to make sure the true wishes of your loved one are honored. 

Common Types of Probate Disputes

Will and Trust Contests

As our loved ones age, they become more susceptible to coercion, undue influence, and duress.  This creates a risk that late in life estate planning may not always reflect the true wishes of the loved one.  Whether you are an heir or beneficiary who suspects the most recent version of a will or trust to be improper, or you are defending the validity of a will, trust, or amendment, we are here to represent you.

Trust Administration Disputes

A trustee has the duty to administer the trust with care and in the interest of the beneficiaries.  Reasonable minds may disagree about what is fair or appropriate when it comes to management and distribution of trust property.  We represent beneficiaries and trustees who find themselves in disputes arising from the administration or distribution of trust assets.

Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse includes taking, secreting, appropriating, obtaining, or retaining the property of an elder for a wrongful use.  This can occur with a friend, family member, caretaker, or a business.  We assist elders and their heirs to recover wrongfully taken funds or property, and to protect the assets of Elders and their estates and trusts.